Fees quoted do not include VAT or any other taxes which may become due.

The project will commence following receipt of 50% of total payment due. A final instalment of 50% will become payable on completion of all the project development phases.

Fees do not include approved expenses. Not included are third party costs such as: print costs, commissioned or stock photography, illustration or copy writing.

All fees and costs are estimated. Changes in scope of work and/or project specifications require a revision of the information provided on attached quotes.

Confidentiality: as industry professionals we undertake not to misuse any confidential information that may be made available to us.

Copyright: the copyright of all work will remain the property of B1 Creative. This excludes copyright on any illustration and photographic material which must be negotiated directly with the person or agency commissioned.

Font usage: the industry has strict guidelines relating to software and font usage. Any fonts required as part of this project will be charged. Due to copyright restrictions these can not be forwarded to a third party. It is essential that all interested parties (e.g. printer, advertising agency etc) purchase their own copies of any software or fonts used.

Any software designed and created as part of projects has a lifetime use agreement for the client who commissioned the project. Past the point of handover, B1 Creative will not be responsible for any on-going updates required unless commissioned.

Responsibility: We will take all reasonable care to check wireframes, designs, specifications, production proofs and/or samples, but the final responsibility rests with the client to approve each stage of the project development.

Termination: if after acceptance, a client does not proceed, all fees and expenses incurred to that point become immediately payable.

Late Payment: If you are late in making a payment under this Agreement for 30 consecutive days or more, we reserve the right to pass your Customer Agreement to a reputable debt recovery company and you shall reimburse us on demand for all costs, expenses and losses associated therewith (including lost profit) or enter the court process to recover payments due if necessary.

Interest: Invoices outstanding for over 30 days are subject to a £100 fee as is allowed under the legislation for late commercial payments and ongoing interest at 8% above the Bank of England base rate.

Validity: The information contained in a proposal is valid for thirty days. Proposals approved by the client are binding and the project will commence on the date of the client’s written approval.

Correct as of: 01 January 2021