We are B1

People are at the heart of B1 Creative.We've always cared about each other, our clients, their businesses and our local communities. You can see this by the length of our partnerships both with clients and team.

Clients trust us to use their budgets wisely to deliver on their marketing objectives. We balance enthusiasm and experience, technological insight, creative craftsmanship and business acumen to deliver projects that make sound commercial sense.

Sally Bell

Managing Director

Sally has a passion for applying technology to help businesses creatively communicate with customers. In recent years she has worked with a range of national UK charities to update their online presence and refine their brand strategy.

Sally is originally from Memphis Tennessee, the Volunteer state, so giving has always played a part in her life. Aside from helming the ship at B1 Creative, she also runs a small community bookshop in South West London.

Mikee Mayhew

Creative Lead

Mikee joined B1 in December 2009, making him the longest-serving member of the team (by a few months, at least). With a well-established career in graphic design and illustration, his strengths lie in creating new branding as well as layout, harmonising photography and typography.

There have been many highlights over the years, but Friday afternoons are the best part of Mikee’s week (disco ball and party playlist in full swing). He also enjoys the ring of the cowbell when a project gets signed off.

Connor Gaunt

Technical Lead

As Technical Lead, Connor’s main role is to head up the development of all B1 Creative’s major projects and make sure they’re executed to the highest quality. When he’s not swimming in code, he can be either found swimming lengths or watching the latest movies at the cinema.

Although he manages the technical side of B1, he is still very much a creative person. Connor loves to create videos and design new interactions in his spare time; if they can make you laugh, that’s a bonus too.

Frances Bacon


Frances moved from the countryside to the big city when she was only eight weeks old. Like a lot of urban pups she is an avid Instagrammer but also enjoys the simpler things in life like belly rubs and gardening.

She is the first to have the title of Chief Happiness Officer, and hopes to do her office dog predecessor Alfie proud by keeping the team in line. For a small dog she has a fine bark and knows how to use it.


Team work makes the dream work.

Not only does talking through ideas lead to a greater understanding of projects and more efficient team work, but often conversations will lead to ideas and solutions that you would never have thought of as an individual.

It’s not where you take it from, it’s where you take it to.

Every idea we have started with, no matter how big or small, develops over time until that original idea is barely recognisable in comparison with the finished project. We find that this is most effective when we share our ideas and develop them as a team - one of the many reasons it’s also good to talk!

You do you, boo!

Importantly, we want everyone to be able to explore areas of work which they are good at and enjoy. Every member of our team brings something new and unique to the studio and so it’s key that everyone can feel free to be themselves.

Every day’s a school day.

Whether it’s learning a fun but useless fact, learning from a mistake, or developing our skills, we like to learn something new every day. The creative and technological industry is constantly developing and, in order for us to improve our ways of working, it’s essential we continue to learn – every day!

It’s good to talk.

Whether it’s as a team, or with our clients, it’s always good to talk! Inside the B1 studio, this value is about understanding who in the team is working on which projects to ensure that everyone is on the same page, working efficiently and working to schedule.

On a more personal level, talking as a team is always key to making sure that if anyone has an issue, we can address it or accommodate their needs – after all, a problem shared is a problem halved!