The challenge

In the intervening years the organisation went into hibernation and the agency who maintained the old website ceased to exist, meaning the Wood Festival website was no longer active. We were tasked with creating a new website for the 2022 festival that captured the spirit of the festival and created a trusted source of information, that wouldn’t be taken down with no warning.  


Our content team dug into the internet archive and Google caches to retrieve content where we could. This was then input into an interactive Wireframe so the WOOD team could review and update where needed.  

The ticketing is handled by EventBrite so our main objective was to create a visually pleasing website that drove traffic to buy tickets, and structure information in a way that festival goers would have all the details they needed about things like the line-up and camping.  

The brand guidelines for WOOD are fairly organic, so there was a lot of freedom to be creative. We incorporated this year’s mascot “the newt” and the festival colours along with artist imagery and footage from previous years.  

In development our team was able to add subtle animations to elements that give the site a whimsical feel, without interfering with the site’s content.  


The B1 team created a bespoke WordPress template that gives the client full control of their layout and content while preserving the heart and spirit of the Wood Festival design. They are able to easily update the line-up and information about the event and we also future-proofed the site by centralising its styling, meaning the colour schemes and iconography can be updated when the year of the Newt has passed.  

Wood Festival

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