Explainer Videos

As well as the visual aspect of an animation, audio can also be added for further development. For the below videos, voiceovers were provided and scripts produced in collaboration with the client. They were then broken down into smaller sections to be used across social platforms.

A Peak in the Park

We created a series of GIFs to celebrate the 90s classic movie Jurassic Park. Fans of the film will recognise these iconic scenes, from a T-Rex chasing a jeep that “must go faster”, or a “clever girl” peaking out of the foliage.

Guess the Film

As a follow up, an even more stylised series of was created as part of a film campaign. This culminated in two Christmas animations featuring the Grinch and a personal favourite in the studio, Home Alone.

It’s the little things.

Motion can spark emotions that static imagery can’t. The rattle of the door building anticipation, the little car winding¬† through the trees lulling you into a sense of calm. Animation doesn’t have to be big and flashy. Whether it’s a five-minute safety announcement or a five second gif, they can grab your attention and hold it, taking you on a journey.

Live Action Product Launches

Our Animations

We are big believers that if a picture paints a thousand words, a moving one says has the opportunity to say a whole lot more. If you have a motion graphics project, get in touch with the team. Be sure to check out our Instagram for more animation and creative projects as well as a peak into the behind the scenes.


B1 created a range of fun and inspiring motion graphics for us. These sparked interest and conversation from our client groups.