Today is National Love Your Pet Day and at B1, we all benefit from the companionship of a four-legged friend. Introducing the extended team:

Sally & Frances, cream long-haired miniature dachshund


When they’re well-behaved (yes, we’re looking at you, dachshunds), pets have proven to have a positive impact on the workplace. A study conducted by the Virginia Commonwealth University found that the presents of dogs in the office may buffer the impact of stress during the workday, not only for the owners but for co-workers as well. 

The Human Animal Bond Research Institute carried out research in 2012, and their findings indicated that when problem-solving, the groups who had dogs showed improved cohesion, trust and cooperation.

Mikee’s cockapoo, Willie


Pet-friendly offices were on the up, but since March 2020 the majority of us have been working from home. Cats Protection surveyed 700 feline owners during the pandemic. They found that 63 per cent were calmed by their cat, and 56 per cent felt said their cat made them feel less lonely when working solo. 

Connor’s cat, Lola and Bella

Do you trust the experts? Here’s what the team has to say:

Sally: If things get on top of me at work, it’s nice to have Frances by my side. She definitely provides me with comfort and seems to know when to play up her cuteness. In the studio she also acts as security to passersby – an essential job.

Frances: When I’m in the office and we go for walkies, that means a trip around all the local businesses in Streatham. I get to my friends in our favourite coffee shop who always give me tummy rubs, and Sally and I get to make new friends with the people we meet on the street.

Mikee: William is a great pup to have around the workplace. Not only does he collect the morning post, he likes to keep a watchful eye on the premises and has noted his intention for running the neighbourhood watch. The greatest portion of his day is spent sleeping. However, sleeping a lot doesn’t prevent him from being a great time keeper. He keeps things running on time by politely raising a paw during ‘Team Meetings’ and letting us all know to our time is up and should go make a cup of tea which coincidently comes with a biscuit.

Willie: I’m a lucky pup. I get to listen to Magic Fm all day which sends me to sleep. I particularly love the elevenses biscuit and the afternoon ‘biscuit hunt’. However, I feel the biscuit hider needs to ‘up their game’ as I seem to find them with ease. If my day feels a little slow, I might ring a bell or push a button and someone usually comes along and pays me some attention. Overall, I’d say being a workplace dog is the life for me.

Connor: Having the cats around is a really nice addition to the workplace. They’re seem very clued in when you’re stressed out and will come up and give you a little cuddle to try and make it better. Lets be honest, everyone loves a cat sitting on their lap and giving them a pet. I have two cats, 3 year old Lola and two year old Bella and when they’re not sleeping or trying to get attention from me, they’re giving me front row seats to a private WWE championship. Currently Lola has the belt but Bella has been making her comeback as of late. The stereotype is unfortunately true in other aspects of owning a cat, they’re moody, they’re sneaky and they can kinda hold a grudge but the Good and loving nature FAR out ways the bad traits and I wouldn’t want to own any other pets.

Lola & Bella: Too busy for comment.

Lydia: At home, I often forget to take a break when I’m focused on my work. Rocky is always there to remind me to down tools – either he’ll give me a gentle nudge or, if he’s really impatient, he lays his head on my laptop touchpad so that I can’t move my cursor. He’s a help, in his own special way…

Lydia & Rocky, shaded red short-haired miniature dachshund

Rocky: My mum and dad both work from home, so I have to be an extra good boy when they both have meetings (it’s pretty tough). But when mum goes into the B1 studio I get to join and see my best friend Frances. It’s the highlight of my social calendar, and good exercise for me too as we spend most of the day playing.