This week we welcome a new face to the team, though some of you may recognise her. Lydia Jones is returning to B1 to head up Content and manage Special Projects.  

I for one am very glad to have her invaluable skills on board as it means I will have a skilled pair of hands to write and edit pieces like this. While she is still settling in I wanted to get her in the hot seat to hear what she has been up to and what she is looking forward to in her role at B1.  

Welcome back, Lydia! So, what have you been up to since you were last with us? 

Happy to be back, Sally! Can you believe it’s been over six years since I was in the studio on a regular basis? Madness.  

It’s been a pretty busy time for me actually – aside from my freelance copywriting and graphic design work, I launched my own business. Viva Soul London is an online vintage shop selling predominantly fashion but homewares and my own retro-inspired artwork too. I’ve certainly learnt over the years as a small business owner, the main lesson being that you’ve got to love what you do (it’s an unpredictable world, you can’t bank on anything so you’ve at least got to have fun whilst you’re doing it). 

Speaking of unpredictable, 2020 and 2021 were a bit of a whirlwind, for us all of course. With the backdrop of a global pandemic, I also got engaged and married to my fabulous husband Nico, and became a pup-mum to Rocky, my loveable but noisy miniature dachshund. Never a dull moment in our household! 

How did it come about that you are back on the team? 

I was always with you in spirit, I can assure you – my heart belongs to B1 Creative!  

Through my vintage business I’ve traded at and also organised my own events. When B1 Creative launched Creative Streatham’s Makers Market, it seemed a great time for me to come back into the studio to help promote and organize the day. Building a brand new event needs a guiding hand, so I was thrilled to be part of it, sharing both the positive and not-so-positive experiences I’ve had along the way. I think it helped to see the event from a trader’s point of view as well because they are truly the stars of the show. 

What work will you be doing as Content Lead? 

Whilst the team builds fabulous designs, I’ll be filling them with words. I’ll be doing this for both B1 Creative and their clients when it’s needed. This will most likely be in the form of blog posts, social media planning and captions, and proofreading. 

And “Special Projects” – what does that mean? 

B1 is predominantly a design studio but with the vast skills that the team have, we have scope to take on a whole range of projects. For example, our latest venture Creative Streatham. We want to make the B1 Studio and Gleneldon Mews the creative heart of Streatham – the talent is already there, we just want more people to know about it! One of my first assignments is finalising the studio space as a venue for hire. It’s a versatile space that has so much potential to the Streatham community, whether events are run by us as Creative Streatham or by other businesses dropping in. Watch this space! 

So does that mean you won’t be designing as much as before? 

Not at all! It is one of the great things about working in an independent agency with a talented team, we all get to try our hands at all aspects of the business. My skills range includes copywriting and editing, digital and print design, event planning, illustration and 3D modelling. I can’t think of anywhere else that I could work and use all of those skills. B1 is always on the lookout for diverse businesses who need a design eye, so I look forward to the range of work that will be coming my way. 

Once a team member, always team member. Here’s to great things to come!