The pandemic has been a seismic global event demanding business owners keep a cool head, rethink strategies and quickly implement new plans. Instead, many of us have been paralysed by fear and overwhelm. If you’ve ever tried thinking strategically whilst panicking, you’ll know it’s not a great mindset for making important decisions.

Clear thinking enabled us to re-group; effectively reviewing Covid’s impact across the business before deciding what to do next. Finding the conditions for clarity of thought requires patience. Frustrating as it may be, it cannot be rushed. It’s easy to neglect your health when facing a business crisis but this is precisely when we need to draw on our reserves and perform at our best. Prioritising our personal wellbeing and focusing on the essentials: diet, exercise, relaxation practice, being kind to ourselves, slowing everything down, started to clear the brain fog, clearing a space for us to think and plan.

We chose to diversify the agency with business coaching, a complementary addition to our portfolio of services that we can offer to clients in new and existing markets. Running a small business can be tough at the best of times and coaching provides the support and accountability we need to help us achieve our business objectives.

It’s taken a huge effort to navigate the business through the pandemic and we’ve needed a lot of support to keep us on track. Coaching has been instrumental in the process.

When you’re feeling stuck, get a business coach. It’s a game-changer.

Here are 10 things we’ve learned along the way.

1. Nature heals. Getting out for daily walks somewhere green, is transformative. It provides the headspace to think without distraction.

2. Our thoughts determine how we feel which in turn affects how we act. If you want to do things differently you need to start thinking differently.

3. Exploring a problem from different perspectives gives us fresh insights allowing us to consider different solutions.

4. You don’t feel stuck forever. Be patient. Things change.

5. Prioritising the thing that made the biggest difference enabled us to make progress even when we were feeling overwhelmed.

6. Overthinking doesn’t help. Act. It may not deliver the result you hoped for but it will provide fresh data to work with.

7. Showing vulnerability in business felt scary but has given us stronger relationships across the business.

8. Strong relationships are the backbone of our business.

9. Prioritise your physical and mental health daily – your business depends on it.

10. When you’re feeling stuck, get a business coach. It’s a game-changer.

If any of this is familiar and you can’t see a way to move your business forward, our new coaching package may be the solution you need.Click here for more info and a FREE 30 minute call.