It’s not often that we get to work on such a tasty project.

Lotus’ owner, who lives locally to our Kingston studio, approached us to help with branding and digital work. The restaurant had opened, but in order to get their name out there and tables full, they needed a logo and a website, and with those, an image that reflected the proposition. What’s more, time was certainly of the essence.


A lot springs to mind when you imagine a London-based Indian restaurant (stale poppadoms, soggy lettuce on the side, an array of curries that all look and taste the same), but Lotus is no ordinary Indian, as its star-studded ratings on OpenTable will confirm.


Based near Leicester Square on Charing Cross Road, Lotus pride themselves on having an “epicurean traditional” approach to Indian cuisine, and with ingredients on the menu such as lobster tail, soft shell crab and lamb shank topped with 23 karat gold leaf, they certainly deliver the high expectation that they promise.


With all this in mind, it seemed appropriate to keep the lotus flower itself in the restaurant’s logo. Instantly it shows elegance, care, and beauty, all of which is expected when it comes to fine dining. To tie in with Lotus’ traditional, family-based roots, we chose a classic, timeless font and sophisticated but modern colour palette.

Lotus endeavour to create an epicurean traditional Indian gourmet experience which elevates the emotional and physical well-being of their guests.



This minimalist design lent itself nicely to the website as well (www.lotus.london) as well. Clean templates and the use of white space allowed the photographs of the vibrant, mouth-watering food to speak for themselves (after all, we all taste with our eyes first, don’t we?).


And speaking of eating, what better way of celebrating meeting a deadline successfully than taking a trip to the restaurant itself? Sue, Mikee and Sally had an incredible meal at Lotus, made brilliant not only by the food, but the glamorous setting and friendly, charming waiters and waitresses too. So, why not visit Lotus if you’re in the area? And whilst you’re at it, compliment their fabulously designed logo!