National holidays and awareness days are, in our opinion, marketing gold. Most weeks there is something to celebrate or commemorate, covering a wide range of focuses and themes. In the coming days, weeks and months, there are many occasions such as Easter, London Marathon and Father’s Day to name a few . There are also plenty of fun and quirky observances such as Dr. Seuss Day and Pi Day!

Our clients frequently ask how we regularly find inspiration for content. The secret is that inspiration rarely appears out of thin air, and looking at awareness days is one of the ways we get our creative cogs turning. So, take a look at what days are coming up in the future, see which could relate to your business and you have yourself a foundation for a content plan!

National holidays and awareness days are, in our opinion, marketing gold.

It’s especially important for organisations to get involved with days relating to their industry. If you’re in the food and drink industry for example, there are a handful of days each month celebrating different drinks and cuisines, such as British Sandwich Week. If you’re in the health, fitness, or charitable industries there are awareness days most weeks focussing on certain charitable causes and health issues such as National Walking Month and Mental Health Awareness week.

Importantly, even if awareness days don’t correspond to your specific industry, there will always be ways to relate to some of them! As a creative agency, we don’t just focus on art and design events. Take a look through our blogs and social media, and you’ll find loads of links to commemorative days. We published one our favourite London buildings for World Architecture Day, for example! We also love to get involved with trending days on social media and even our ducks got involved with Museum Selfie Day!

Adding variety to your social media platforms is a particularly great reason to involve your business with commemorative days, and you get bonus marketing points if the subject you’re writing about is trending on social media! Get involved with the online conversation and you may even find yourself engaging with a wider audience than you would usually have access to – just make sure you use the right hashtags!

So, get your creative cogs turning by taking a look through useful websites, such as the Awareness Days Calendar and Wikipedia’s List of Commemorative Days, and see what you can come up with!