As an approved supplier to the Lord Mayor’s Show we know a thing or two about helping our clients stand out in a procession.

A lot of work and creativity is involved in the design and build of a float that effectively represents your brand and helps you to stand out from the crowd.


1. We can’t emphasise the importance of allowing enough time for planning. From receiving the initial brief to building a show stopping float you should allow at least 4, but preferably 6, months.

2. Most clients know they need a designer, but few know what to actually ask us at the initial briefing meeting. Actually, a good design team should be all ears and posing insightful questions whilst listening to the client. So, think about why you are taking part in the show and what it is you would like to achieve.

3. Know your budget and be realistic. At a minimum, plan on £10,000 to include the vehicle and driver hire. If you want to light up your float like Piccadilly Circus and hire marching bands then anything is possible, but it will inevitably push up the cost.

4. You may not be a designer but that doesn’t mean you haven’t got some great ideas, so share them with us. There’s no such thing as a stupid idea and often the most creative floats have been the result of a throw away suggestion from a client that we went on to develop.

5. Thoroughly check the Pageant Master’s documentation as there are key deadlines that need to be met in terms of supplying design visuals, as well as important meetings you may be expected to attend.

6. You can’t predict the weather unfortunately, so this is a key consideration at the planning stage. It might seem obvious but the float should be constructed to last the duration of the procession and take heavy rain into consideration. Branding should be printed on weather proof materials and strategic shelter built into the design to save your float, and participants, from looking a flop by the end.

7. Your branding isn’t confined to the float. Think about how your business can interact with the crowds either side of the float. Everybody loves a freebie and this is a perfect opportunity to give away branded promotional merchandise to create that lasting impression long after the show has finished.

Don’t be shy, push the float out 😉 and call us to discuss how we can make your appearance at The Lord Mayor’s Show memorable.